Every day our hotel collaborates with local businesses and companies in the organisation and development of products and services that make special and unique our hospitality.

Elisa Lupatelli with her Officina Flicka specialises in set-ups for events (weddings, confirmations, holy communions, baptisms, etc.) and other types of events that may involve personalisation and characterisation of the table and spaces dedicated to welcoming guests.

Original, creative, surprising and fussy enough, Elisa is constantly aware of her surroundings. Attracted by aesthetics, she takes inspiration from objects and especially those that can tell a story and convey emotions. In her works, she always tends to respect the nature of the materials she uses without altering their “flavour”.

In the preface of Elisa’s book, Anna Moroni says of her: “…the table setting is fundamental and constitutes a real exercise in aesthetics, the table, even if simple, must be beautiful and well cared of. Every time I set the table for some occasions, I try to use different tablecloths and plates. I also really like using objects that represent memories of life. In my view, there are three words that are the key ingredients for a well-set table: heart, grace, and taste. I have found them in Elisa. Hers sets do not fully reflects the canons of etiquette but are a condensation of personality and creativity and the result is truly beautiful and surprising…”

All the production of the Bottega is a tribute to the Italian artistic Heritage because everyday we experience how surrounding ourselves with beauty generates happiness. We produce artifacts in plaster and stucco, born from skilful hands that work with passion and give life to high-level handcrafted creations. Art workshops are the places destined to preserve our heritage and contribute in an essential way to build our cultural identity, therefore let yourself be led to the discovery of this world…

Bottega Azzurra is a small biscuit factory. Its purpose is to promote workplace and social inclusion for special need young people. Its main goal is to provide an inclusive work environment where every individual, regardless of their abilities and challenges, can develop their skills and realise their potential. Bottega azzurra is a place where special need young people can find meaningful work that goes beyond simple economic gain.

Through training and expert supervision, the disadvantaged young people acquire practical skills, improve their self-esteem and gain more self-confidence. The Bottega is a concrete example of how work inclusion can be an opportunity for everyone, not only for the special children, but also for the community as a whole. By purchasing their products, in fact, you support an idea of inclusive and supportive community, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to their personal and social development. In this way, Bottega azzurra demonstrates that inclusion is not only possible, but also extremely beneficial for all people involved. When people with special needs are included in society and in the world of work, the whole community benefits, as opportunities are created for the development of new skills, new idea and new relationships.

Supporting our project means to offer hope and a better future to those who are disadvantaged and promoting the idea of an inclusive and socially engaged community. In this way, you can make a concrete contribution to build a fairer and inclusive world, where every individual has the opportunity to realise their potential and develop their skills, despite of their difficulties.

What are specialty coffees? Specialty coffee are coffees that come from geographical areas where the microclimate can lead to significant changes in the organoleptic properties of the bean. The coffee production chain involves meticulous control of the well-being of the plants, careful selection of the berries, verification of the absence of primary defects, and verification of the quality designation cannot be given unless adequate roasting and impeccable preparation of the beverage are also performed.

I am Camilla, daughter of an Italian and a Colombian. I was born and raised in Gubbio, Italy, but Colombian culture has always been present in my life. Coffee was something that was never missing in my house and my mother was a true Colombian coffee lover, dissatisfied with the quality served in our country. 

Thinking about it, during the years spent here in Italy, my mother began to mature the idea of forming a business based on importing quality Colombian coffee. The idea was there, but it was not still developed in all its aspects and, more importantly, there was no trusted person to interface with Colombia.

Years passed by and we arrived in 2016, when my mother finally found a Colombian person interested in her business idea. After our first online meeting, we have decided to start our journey towards the discovery of the world of coffee. In December 2021, we opened our first sales outlet in Gubbio and in June of the following year, we created a  small delivery space where our customers can have breakfast with our Colombian speciality coffees, artisan infusions, croissants and cakes.

In our selection we currently have: Colombian speciality coffee, 100 % Colombian pure cocoa mass, artisanal coffee liqueurs (prepared through cold infusion of our coffee), artisanal infusions with fruit and spices.

43°  North – 12° East are the geographical coordinates of Gubbio, the city and place where this project was born, a tribute to a territory and its soul. The 43° 12° brand is produced by a young Umbrian company: Anonima Distillazioni.

Founded in 2018, the 43° 12° line includes gin and liqueurs. In this laboratory of ideas, every process is carried out in the spirit of a craftsmanship, thanks to the use of a 200-liter discontinuous still with direct fire.

Every single production is given maximum attention to details and the entire production process. From distillation to packaging, everything is entirely carried out by hand. The gins Aquamirabilis, Aquamarina, Aquadimora are made with juniper from the Umbrina-Tuscan Apennines, an area where Juniper Communis finds the best possible environment for the development and ripening of the berries and becomes an excellence exported all over the world to produce the best gins.

43° 12° is the spirit of Umbria.