Gubbio Bike was born from the desire of a group of bicycle enthusiasts together with the social cooperative Corinzi 13. Gubbio Bike is an initiative that wants to promote a more sustainable tourism in Gubbio, one of the most beautiful and important medieval city in the world. Corinzi 13 Cooperative is a social cooperative that is present in Gubbio since 1997. Over the years it has implemented several activities with the aim of creating employment opportunities and enhancing the territory. Gubbio Bike offers bikes and electric ones, for rent or for sale, from the most prestigious and reliable brands in the world, guaranteeing a wide range of products of the highest quality.

Thanks to Gubbio Bike professionalism and passion of the staff, you can discover a new passion, strengthen your interest in the world of bicycles , and perhaps even become attentive connoisseurs of the magical world immersed between valleys and hills. The ideal way to visit, know, or rediscover is represented by the bicycle and Gubbio Bike offers its range of E-bike or bikes of the latest generation, increasingly favouring respect for the environment and the pleasant practise of an activity within the reach of everyone.

In addition, over the years Gubbio bike has also become both a mechanical workshop and a shop for bicycles accessories, and offers the service of pick-up and delivery to home of rented bicycles to anyone who requests it.


City and outskirts

An itinerary that touches on a lot of suggestive locations in the city. You can enjoy our “stone” beauties and parks adjacent to the centre.

Hills and relax

Our district has many hilly areas, suitable for cycling and with panoramic views of the city.

Mountain Bike

For sporty and experienced people, there are more difficult and strenuous routes, immersed in nature that also involve steep ascents and descents.


My name is Antonio Lezziero, I was born in Rome but I grew up in the territories of the Circeo National Park. I’ve shaped my connection with nature alongside my grandparents who have lovingly given me the appreciation for the land.

Through scouting, I’ve developed a passion for outdoor life and a connection with nature, gradually feeling part of it. This has led to a growing desire to share my emotions and help others understand the origin and history of a place.

The study of geology, the courses I took, and the experiences I had in many natural areas in Italy and around the world had been a fundamental gift, helping me to improve my knowledge and personal growth as a guide. I’m in love with Earth, its phenomena, the numerous forms of life, colours, and scents. That’s why I prefer slow tourism which allows you to enjoy the full nature. Whether it’s an itinerary or not, walking is what best defines my way of being – experiencing nature in an essential way, understanding its aspects, and taking time to silently contemplate the great beauty on encounters and lives. My greatest satisfaction comes from leaving a piece of emotion with those I guide, sharing my deep love for nature and creation!


Football, athletics, and much more

Our idea of sport!

We have access to a large and well-organised Sports Park, a facility capable of hosting large-scale sporting events and training camps next to our hotel. We strongly believe that sports activities are still closely tied to the concept of social and community networks. We, therefore, promote and uphold all their values and moral principles.



Here you can receive the necessary information and description of services dedicated to tourists in the city, along with useful insights on monuments and major attractions. Our area is rich in natural beauty and artistic treasure where history, culture, and landscape coexist in na harmonious symbiosis.

Alongside the extraordinarily beautiful and evocative historic centers, we preserve excellent evidence from the medieval times.
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It takes place every year on May 15th, the eve of the feast of the Patron Saint Ubaldo. The CERI are three tall and heavy wooden structures, each surmounted by the statues of Saint Ubaldo (patron of the Masons), Saint George (patron of the Butchers), and Saint Anthony (patron of students and farmers).


A traditional competition with the ancient stationary crossbow. Gubbio and Sansepolcro come together every year at Piazza Grande. It is essential to hit the tasso, a target placed 36 metres away. The crossbowman, who manages to hit the point closest to the Centre, receives the Palio as a prize.


Every year on 7th December, the Christmas Tree is lit up during a public event. On this occasion a ceremony takes place. It involves public, private, cultural, and scientific institutions and volunteers. The image of an immense Christmas tree embraces the beautiful medieval city of Gubbio.